Streamline Leads & Appointments Across Channels!

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What we can Offer

$150/month USD

one low monthly price

$990/annually USD

save $810 per year

Your fees: You will only ever pay the fixed rate for access to Dologale, plus your cost of email and SMS. We pay the first $10 per month for you. That's enough for about 10,000 emails, or 1,000 SMS messages to a USA mobile phone. SMS sent outside of North America can cost more. Our pricing is based on Twilio prices. Contact us if you have questions.

Key Features

  • Website (hosting included)

  • Funnels (unlimited)

  • Forms and Surveys (collect leads)

  • Email marketing and automation

  • Two-way SMS (+ automation)

  • Memberships and courses (hosting included)

  • Unified messaging with contacts

  • Website chat widget

  • Automated missed-call text back

  • Invoices and order forms

  • Calendars (for booking clients)

  • ChatGPT built-in for blogs, websites, & more

You Also Get

  • A marketing and business course that helps you go from zero to entrepreneur hero

  • Weekly group coaching so that you can ask your questions and get direct help

  • The secret sauce that most people-helping business owners are missing that gets you clients

  • A deep understanding of how your customer goes from never knowing you to making a purchase

  • 24/7 LIVE chat and weekly Zoom support in case you need immediate help

Are You Great at Helping People but Struggling to Get Clients?

You can’t get clients when you’re lost and confused. Dologale gives people-helpers the tools, training, and templates to thrive. You’ll feel proud with marketing that consistently wins you clients.

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